Final Work and Final Portfolio

Your final portfolio in ENG 106 is due in class on Wednesday, May 4th. Please assemble the following documents in a pocket folder (labeled with your name):

  • A self-reflection letter (“Dear Megan”) that introduces me to the work in your portfolio. As you read over your two literary analyses (and multiple drafts) and your weekly reading response blog posts, what do you notice? What did you discover in this class? What did you learn about the texts you wrote about? I recommend writing this last (after you’ve read and revised everything else). 2-3 pages (double-spaced)
  • Final revised Literary Analysis #2
    •  D/2 (with my comments)
    •  D/1 (with my comments)
    • Final revised Literary Analysis #2 also needs to be uploaded to Blackboard (this is for final assessment purposes). You’ll find Chalk & Wire via your Blackboard portal/ENG 106 course/ course content/ Chalk and Wire/Literary Analysis. You’ll need to upload your final essay as a file, choose an “assessor” (that’s me!), and click submit. Here’s information on what Chalk & Wire is and how to access it:
      • What is C&W?
      • Here are some FAQs for students about C&W.
      • Bring it with you on a flashdrive or email and I can show you how to upload it in the computer classroom if you have questions.
  • Final Literary Analysis #1 (with grade/comments)
    •  D/1 (with my comments)
  • Final Blog tally of weekly reading responses and peer comments (use the same form  you used at mid-term!)


  • Optional: One more revision of Literary Analysis #1: if you chose to revise this essay, please include details about what you revised and why in your self-reflection letter.

***Please note: late portfolios will not be accepted.

Scheduled exam period: Friday, May 6th  @ 10:15 in A 303. Pick up final portfolio!


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