Literary Analysis #2

Choose either Richard Wright’s Black Boy: An American Hunger or Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic.

Working with the brainstorming sheet I distributed in class on Wednesday, focus your first draft around one of the questions. If you’ve got another question or angle, you may work with that (but make it clear what it is). Here’s what needs to be in this first draft (due in class Monday, 4/18):

  • evidence of a reader (you!) who’s deeply familiar with the text
  • specific textual examples: for each passage or quote be sure to provide some context for your readers, an analysis of what the passage shows and why it’s important (be sure to include page numbers for all quotes)
  • evidence of working with a specific question or focus
  • assume that your readers (your classmates and me) are familiar with the text, so you don’t need to provide a great deal of summary or plot explanation. Do consider, however, that we may not be as familiar with the focus you’re writing about and so you’ll need to guide us through the text as you examine and analyze specific passages
  • practice both “in-text” citations and “block” quotes
  • 4-5 pages,  double-spaced
  • draft should invite readers to think in new ways about the autobiography and to arrive at a new understanding
  • bring 3 printed copies to class for a small-group workshop
  • late drafts will not be accepted or counted

Classmates who are writing about Black Boy: Adil, Baraa, Haley, Sabrina, Conor, Tyquan, Chaz

Classmates who are writing about Fun  Home: Justin, Cristina, Mike, Connor, Rahilah, Ralph, Emily, Danny, Jennie


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