Writing Test Post and Blog Settings

Part I: Write Test Post

Once you have successfully created your own blog and emailed me the URL, it’s time to try writing a  post. For this test post, describe yourself as a reader: What has been your reading history? What kinds of texts do you enjoy reading and why (and think broadly here about reading–both in school and in your LIFE)?  What would you like to read if you had more time? Have you had any challenges or difficulties with reading or certain texts? If so, what? What are your own goals as a reader this semester in ENG 106?

You can save this as a “draft” until you’re ready and then click the blue “publish” button. It’s also a good idea to “view site” or “view post” to make sure it published and is visible.

Part II: Blog Settings

Now get started on learning your Dashboard (remember to always log in first to WordPress.com!)

  • Posts—where to write/how to link
  • Appearance: choose a theme (filter for “free” in upper right hand corner). Experiment with Widgets: add a calendar, etc. Header: can upload a photo/image of your choice.
  • Settings
    • General: create a tagline; change time zone to UTC-5 or New York; language is English. SAVE.
      Reading: Site Visibility/click “Discourage search engines from indexing this site.” SAVE.
      Discussion: Make sure to uncheck “Comment author must fill out name and email.” But do check “Users must be registered and logged in.” Email options are your preference. Under “Before a Comment Appears”—uncheck both options.
      Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” at bottom of each screen.

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